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HotNightIn is having an open beta! All you need to do is fill out a survey to play for free.

Welcome to Hot Night In

Hot Night In is a adult themed game intended to be enjoyed by couples or open-minded people who like to get a little bit kinky. Think of it like a more interactive "netfilx 'n chill".

This game has been in devolpment on and off for years, mostly because I get lazy and stop working on it for months at a time. However, I think it's finally ready to be beta tested and I'm opening it up for a 100% test run. If things go as planned I would like the game to reamin free to play but except donations and possibly some paid add ons.

For now, all I ask is that you take the next 2 minutes to fill out a quick survey so I can get a sense of what kind of people are interstested. All your information will remain private and I'm not asking for anything personal anyway. If you choose to give your email I promise not to spam you with useless crap, however i you'd like to omit it, I'll leave that up to you.

Please enjoy the game and please provide me with as much feedback as possible. Fixes and enhancement will be driven almost completely by the feedback I get here. Read below for a breif intro on how the game works, and then fill out the quick survey to get started!

How to Play

So how does it work?
Easy! It's like a game of monopoly, but without the thimbles and fake money. You roll the dice, and your player will move around the board. If you land on an open space you can purchase it. If the space you land on is already owned by another player, you will have to pay them rent.

But you said there was no money?
That's right! very observant aren't we? ... That's where the fun comes in. Rather then using money to buy spaces and pay rent, we trade sexual "favors". Good thing it's just a game or we'd all basically be prostitutes.

Are there special spaces
There are! Not all spaces are properties that you can buy. We have a bar and a dungeon and soon there will be lots more that you can add by customizing your board. But I dont want to spoil the surprise! Read below about how to setup a new game and you can find out for yourself!